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Leopard Reference Library: Carbon
The QuickTime C API includes over 2000 functions that developers can use to develop applications dealing with video, sound, animation, graphics, text, interactivity, and music. Nearly all of the C API can be used in Carbon applications for Mac OS X. (Some parts of the API are for Windows developers or for earlier versions of the Mac OS.) The QuickTime API Reference identifies all functions as being either in Carbon or not in Carbon.

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QTCarbonShell (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
A skeleton of a modern Carbon QuickTime application demonstrating how to incorporate QuickTime support into a Carbon application.
Sample Code 2009-03-19
QTMetaData (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates the QuickTime 7 MetaData APIs in a Carbon application.
Sample Code 2009-03-16
QuickTime Audio - Easy Frequency Level Metering with MovieAudio APIs (HTML)
QA1459: Describes how to perform frequency band level metering using MovieAudio metering APIs.
Technical Q&As 2009-01-29
Using QTPixelBufferContextCreate with NewMovieFromProperties (HTML)
QA1443: Discusses using a QuickTime pixel buffer visual context and NewMovieFromProperties to output frames to pixel buffers.
Technical Q&As 2008-08-08
WhackedTV (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
A Cocoa version of the venerable HackTV sample code, demonstrating usage of the Sequence Grabber API's
Sample Code 2008-05-09
How to work around HIMovieViewCreate failing (HTML)
QA1417: Describes how to work around HIMovieViewCreate failing to initialize the view in QuickTime 7
Technical Q&As 2008-03-11
HackTV Carbon (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
HackTV Carbon shows how to use the sequence grabber to preview and record QuickTime movie files.
Sample Code 2007-11-16
Thread-safe programming in QuickTime (HTML)
TN2125: Discusses how to use QuickTime from background threads for applications and component developers.
Technical Notes 2007-09-14
Compression Sessions - Multipass encoding and the pass mode flags (HTML)
QA1457: Discusses how the pass mode flags work when performing multipass compression operations.
Technical Q&As 2006-10-02
QuickTime Framework Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the API for QuickTime.
Reference 2006-05-23
QTCarbonCoreImage101 (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates how to render QuickTime Movies using Core Image filters and the new video pipeline.
Sample Code 2006-02-14
Sequence Grabber preallocates large file when recording (HTML)
QA1411: Describes how to prevent the Sequence Grabber from filling your entire disk when recording.
Technical Q&As 2006-02-06
SillyFrequencyLevels (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates how to obtain audio frequency levels from a Movie using SetMovieAudioFrequencyMeteringNumBands and GetMovieAudioFrequencyLevels APIs.
Sample Code 2006-01-25
Compression Sessions - Configuring options using the Standard Compression dialog (HTML)
QA1456: Discusses how to configure Compression Session options using Standard Compression dialog.
Technical Q&As 2006-01-12
Compression Sessions - Enabling muti-pass encoding (HTML)
QA1450: Describes how to enable multi-pass encoding when using ICM compression sessions.
Technical Q&As 2006-01-12
Compression Sessions - Temporal compression options (HTML)
QA1455: Discusses the temporal compression option as it relates to quality and other compression session options.
Technical Q&As 2006-01-12
Decompression Sessions - Setting codec accuracy and field mode (HTML)
QA1460: Describes how to set codec accuracy and field mode options when creating a decompression sessions.
Technical Q&As 2006-01-12
QuickTime Movie Basics (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces some of the basic concepts you need to understand when working with QuickTime movies.
Guides 2006-01-10
Compression Sessions - Configuring codec quality settings (HTML)
QA1444: Discusses how to set encoding quality for a Compression Sequence
Technical Q&As 2005-10-17
Implementing a CVFillExtendedPixelsCallBack (HTML)
QA1440: Discusses how you implement a Core Video custom extended pixel fill callback function.
Technical Q&As 2005-09-06
Registering custom pixel formats with QuickTime and Core Video (HTML)
QA1401: Discusses how to register custom pixel formats with QuickTime & Core Video with QuickTime 7.
Technical Q&As 2005-09-06
BrideOfMungGrab (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates the use of overlay windows and CG to draw text on captured video.
Sample Code 2005-08-12
QuickTime Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces the main concepts and services of QuickTime.
Guides 2005-08-11
QuickTimeMovieControl (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates how to easily add QuickTime media playback to an application
Sample Code 2005-08-10
SimpleVideoOut (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates how QuickTime Video Output Components can be used to play video out to hardware.
Sample Code 2005-08-10
DropDraw (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates automatic ColorSync color-matching when drawing with QuickTime graphics importers in Panther
Sample Code 2005-08-01
BackgroundExporter (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates techniques which can be used to export QuickTime movies in a separate export process.
Sample Code 2005-07-22
Building Universal QuickTime Components for Mac OS X (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
TN2012: Discusses the changes necessary to build Universal Mach-O QuickTime Components for Mac OS X.
Technical Notes 2005-07-21
SimpleHIMovieViewPlayer (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates how to use HIMovieView to play QuickTime Movies.
Sample Code 2005-07-15
iSight - Configuring gain settings for IIDC cameras (HTML)
QA1421: Discusses how to configure features of IIDC cameras, specifically gain for the iSight
Technical Q&As 2005-04-06
Movie Export Component - How to ensure Final Cut Pro recognizes your exporter (HTML)
QA1415: Explains how to make sure Final Cut Pro will recognizes a custom QuickTime movie export component.
Technical Q&As 2005-03-08
Movie Export - Always fill in the MovieExportGetDataParams dataSize field (HTML)
QA1304: Outlines the importance of correctly filling in the MovieExportGetDataParams dataSize field when exporting from procedures.
Technical Q&As 2005-02-25
Using language-tagged QuickTime UserData text APIs with CFStrings (HTML)
QA1410: Describes how to use language-tagged QuickTime UserData text APIs with CFStrings and TextEncodings.
Technical Q&As 2005-02-11
Sequence Grabber - Determining the capture resolution of an IIDC device (HTML)
QA1403: Discusses how to determine the resolution of a captured image from an IIDC device
Technical Q&As 2005-01-06
Adding a movie reference to a movie (HTML)
QA1376: Demonstrates how to add a reference for a movie to another movie
Technical Q&As 2004-09-16
Movies - Saving movie playback hints (HTML)
QA1366: Explains how to save and load media play hints from Movie files.
Technical Q&As 2004-09-14
Dynamically registering a bundled component (HTML)
QA1083: Describes how to dynamically register a Component which resides in an Application bundle.
Technical Q&As 2004-06-07
qtshell (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Simple QuickTime and QuickTime VR viewer framework.
Sample Code 2003-10-27
Carbon GLSnapshot (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates the use of OpenGL with Quicktime to capture OpenGL content.
Sample Code 2003-07-07
qtshellCEvents (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
A Carbon event based movie viewer framework which demonstrates how to incorporate movie support into an application.
Sample Code 2003-01-14
Base-Derived async image codecs must implement ImageCodecQueueStarting and ImageCodecQueueStopping (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
QA1157: Describes why base-derived codecs that set canAsync must implement ImageCodecQueueStarting and ImageCodecQueueStopping.
Technical Q&As 2002-07-09
Creating Sub GWorlds using QTNewGWorldFromPtr (HTML)
QA1014: Using QTNewGWorldFromPtr to create sub GWorlds which reference the pixel data of other GWorlds.
Technical Q&As 2001-03-20
Extracting DV Fields using QTNewGWorldFromPtr (HTML)
QA1017: Describes using QTNewGWorldFromPtr to access individual fields contained within a frame of DV source.
Technical Q&As 2001-03-20
LockPixels and DisposeGWorld with QTNewGWorldFromPtr (HTML)
QA1007: Clarifies some issues surrounding pointer ownership when creating GWorlds with QTNewGWorldFromPtr
Technical Q&As 2001-02-26
Incorrect Inside Macintosh Volume V documentation (HTML)
Deprecated - QD15: Identifies incorrect documentation in Inside Macintosh Volume V regarding the formats of PnPixPat and BkPixPat opcodes.
Technical Q&As 1995-09-15