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Leopard Reference Library: Carbon
A full suite of free developer tools is available to Mac OS X developers, who can speed up their development process by using these tools to prototype, compile, debug, and optimize their software products. Xcode, Apple's integrated development environment, supports development in C and C++ and provides templates for creating Carbon applications, frameworks, plug-ins and more. Apple also provides a wide selection of open source tools, such as GCC, which is used to compile in Mach-O, the native runtime environment of Mac OS X.

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Xcode Design Tools for Class Modeling (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the Xcode Design Tools for Class Modeling.
Guides 2009-02-04
Xcode Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the Xcode IDE and its major components, and provides and overview of the development process.
Guides 2009-01-06
Xcode Project Management Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Provides practical descriptions of the major development tasks developers perform with Xcode.
Guides 2009-01-06
Xcode Workspace Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Provides an overview of the Xcode workspace, and shows how to use its components and features.
Guides 2009-01-06
Interface Builder User Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Conceptual information and tasks explaining how to use the Interface Builder application to design user interfaces.
Guides 2008-11-19
Xcode Quick Tour for Mac OS X (HTML) (PDF)
Provides a hands-on introduction to Xcode, Apple's comprehensive suite of software development tools for Mac OS X.
Guides 2008-10-15
Debugging with GDB (HTML)
Open-source document that explains how to use GDB to debug programs.
Guides 2008-06-19
CPlusTest Reference (HTML)
Describes the CPlusTest framework, which provides an API for creating unit tests for C and C++ code.
Reference 2008-04-08
GNU C 4.2 Preprocessor User Guide (HTML)
Describes the Apple version of the GNU C 4.2 Preprocessor.
Reference 2008-01-23
GNU C/C++/Objective-C 4.2.1 Compiler User Guide (HTML)
Describes the Apple version of the GNU 4.2.1 compiler.
Reference 2008-01-23
AppleScript Studio Release Notes (HTML)
Describes late-breaking news and highlights of new or changed features in the latest release of AppleScript Studio.
Release Notes 2007-10-31
AppleScript Studio Terminology Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the scripting terminology for AppleScript Studio, through version 1.4.
Reference 2007-10-31
Carbon Developer Tools Release Notes (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X v10.5
Release Notes 2007-10-31
GNU C 4.0 Preprocessor User Guide (HTML)
Describes the Apple version of the GNU C 4.0 Preprocessor.
Reference 2007-10-31
GNU C/C++/Objective-C 4.0.1 Compiler User Guide (HTML)
Describes the Apple version of the GNU 4.0.1 compiler.
Reference 2007-10-31
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Leopard Developer Tools Overview (HTML)
Learn how Leopard developer tools make it easier than ever to create exciting applications.
Articles 2006-11-15
Cross-Development Programming Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to build software for versions of Mac OS X other than the one the development tools are running on.
Guides 2006-11-07
Porting CodeWarrior Projects to Xcode (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to move software projects from CodeWarrior to Xcode and compares the two development environments.
Guides 2006-10-26
Software Delivery Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to distribute and install Mac OS X software using PackageMaker and Installer.
Guides 2006-07-24
Moving Your Project from CodeWarrior to Xcode (HTML)
Get started moving your project from CodeWarrior to Xcode.
Articles 2005-11-28
SDKExample (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Shows how to weak-link against the Carbon framework in various SDKs to adopt new OS features in a single executable.
Sample Code 2005-06-06
Help Book Caching During Software Development (HTML)
QA1409: Development situations that can potentially confuse Help Viewer
Technical Q&As 2005-03-30
Interface Builder Services Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the C API for unarchiving interface objects.
Reference 2004-02-17
Switching from Code Warrior to Xcode (HTML)
Learn how to import your projects from CodeWarrior.
Articles 2003-10-24
Fragment Tool (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Demonstrates manipulation of code fragments; combining and separating; viewing and editing information associated with each.
Sample Code 2003-01-30
MoreAppleEvents (HTML) (DMG) (ZIP)
Provides routines that assist with the creation and sending of Apple events and object descriptors.
Sample Code 2003-01-14
G4 Velocity Engine implementation of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and associated convolution/correlation routines.
Sample Code 2003-01-14
Mac OS X 10.2 (HTML)
TN2053: Describes software development-related changes provided in system software update Mac OS X 10.2.
Technical Notes 2002-09-04
Mac OS X: v10.1.1 - v10.1.3 (HTML)
TN2043: Describes changes provided by system software updates 10.1.1 through 10.1.3.
Technical Notes 2002-03-06
Setting environment variables for user processes (HTML)
QA1067: Tells how to set environment variables for user processes.
Technical Q&As 2001-10-25
OTScheduleDeferredTask When Task Running (HTML) (日本語 HTML)
NW52: Describes what happens when you use OTScheduleDefferedTask to schedule a task that is running.
Technical Q&As 1997-10-13
GNU C/C++/Objective-C 3.3 Compiler (HTML)
Explains how to use the GNU compilers from the command line.