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Package com.webobjects.appserver

Added Classes
WOMultipartIterator This class represents the content of a multipart/form-data HTTP request.
You get the iterator for such a request by calling multipartIterator on the WORequest object.
WOMultipartIterator.WOFormData This class represents a form data element from a multipart/form data document as defined in

Changed Classes and Interfaces
WOApplication The primary role of the WOApplication class is to coordinate the handling of HTTP requests.
WOAssociation.Event The WOAssociation.Event class is used to time value assignment/retrieval at the component level.
WOComponent WOComponent objects dynamically render web pages (or sections of pages) at runtime.

WOCookie is used for the creation and setting of cookies in response objects.


WODirectAction is an abstract class that defines the interface for direct action classes.

WODisplayGroup A WODisplayGroup is the basic user interface manager for a WebObjects application that accesses a database.
WODisplayGroup.Delegate The WODisplayGroup delegate offers a number of methods and WODisplayGroup invokes them as appropriate.
WOMessage WOMessage is the parent class for both WORequest and WOResponse and implements much of the behavior that is generic to both.
WORequest A request object represents an event that requires a reaction from a WebObjects application.
WOResourceManager The WOResourceManager class manages all resources of an application.
WOResponse A WOResponse object represents an HTTP response that an application returns to a Web server to complete a cycle of the request-response loop.
WOSessionStore WOSessionStore an abstract superclass offers an object abstraction for storing client state per session.
WOStatisticsStore This class holds various runtime statistics of an application.
WOStopWatch @deprecated