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Apple's developer guides provide conceptual and task-oriented information. They include overviews, tutorials, programming guides, server administration guides, and, for developer tools, user guides.

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Application software from Apple that other products can interact with and extend.   Programming interfaces for recording, processing, playing, and creating sound content.   A set of C APIs for developing applications for Mac OS X.

Object-oriented frameworks for developing applications for Mac OS X.   A framework providing basic software services to programs and application environments.   The open source foundation of Mac OS X, based on 4.4BSD UNIX.

Mac OS X technologies essential to game developers.   Programming interfaces for creating 2D, 3D, and PDF content.   Resources for developing hardware, device drivers, and device-access software.

Resources for developing for different text systems and other locale-specific features.   Technologies for web content, web server, and web-enabled client applications.   An environment for developing cross-platform applications. Java is built into Mac OS X.

Indispensable Reference Library resources that describe Mac OS X at a high level.   Resources for working with Apple's server platform.   Protocols and services that support networking and communication capabilities.

Open source technologies, programming languages, servers, and toolkits.   Support for improving code and hardware performance.   Tools and programming interfaces to help move code to Mac OS X.

Technologies for imaging content to a PDF document or a printing device.   A cross-platform technology for creating, delivering, and playing multimedia content.   Scripting languages and tools, workflow automation, and application scriptability.

Authentication, authorization, and cryptographic services.   Devices and file systems that provide data storage.   Routines for working with strings and fonts, and for rendering glyphs.

A suite of developer tools, including Xcode and UNIX tools.   The look and feel of Mac OS X application software.  

View legacy documents, including technologies, features, products, APIs, and programming techniques that are no longer supported or have been superseded.