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Graphics and imaging on Mac OS X consists of three main developer technologies: Quartz, an advanced drawing engine and windowing environment; OpenGL, an Apple implementation of this 3D graphics industry-standard API; and QuickTime, the cross-platform multimedia technology for handling video, sound, and text.

A guided introduction for developers new to Mac OS X graphics and imaging.   Essential information for developers working with graphics and imaging.   C and Objective-C API references organized by framework.
Graphics & Imaging Topics
C APIs for creating 2D, 3D, and PDF content in Carbon applications.   Object-oriented APIs for creating graphics content in Cocoa applications.   Apple's color management system.

APIs for creating a game's visual environment.   Resources for developing, controlling, and querying video and graphics devices.   The cross-platform standard for portable 2D and 3D graphics applications.

Resources for measuring, evaluating, and improving graphics performance.   Technologies for supporting advanced graphics features in printing.   Technologies at the heart of the Mac OS X graphics and windowing environment.

QuickTime technologies for high-level graphics support.   Tools for adopting and optimizing graphics technologies.   Resources for managing the display and arrangement of printed characters.

APIs that support the display and manipulation of video.    

View legacy documents, including technologies, features, products, APIs, and programming techniques that are no longer supported or have been superseded.